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Too much choice is bad for your customer, and you!

Too much choice is bad for you and your customer

It’s natural as a business owner or marketer to think that offering plenty of choice and options is a good thing. Customers say they love choice and nobody wants to lose a sale because they don’t have the right size, colour or feature. Customers say they love choice and nobody wants to lose a sale because they don’t have the right size, colour or feature. Choice is good, but too…

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Why FREE should be at the heart of your lead generation


When it comes to the debate on if you should offer products or services for free, I’ve heard many reasons why you shouldn’t. “It suggests low value or quality”, “it degrades the perception of your products, you are worth more than that” I hear some business coaches and entrepreneurs say.   From a marketing perspective, there’s also an argument that offering something at a price, even if it’s lower…

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Focus LESS On Finding New Customers? Really?

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If you are serious about growing your business, it’s easy to be consumed with marketing activities to find new customers. At an instinctive level, it makes sense – to grow your business, find more customers – but there is a better way that’s lower cost, in many cases easier and quicker to do. The alternative way is by paying more attention to existing customers and the way to do…

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Why Newsletter Emails Are Bad


This blog post is an extract from the Email Marketing Made Effective online course provided by Think Twice Marketing When most businesses think of email marketing for their business, the first thing they think of is setting up and creating newsletters to send to existing customers and other people who have expressed an interest in learning about their brand or services on offer. This newsletter would typically contain the…

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Posting On Your Facebook Business Page. Why Bother?


Having a Facebook Business page and posting on it regularly is important. It allows potential (and existing) customers to engage with you; to see how real or human you are and, providing you produce high-quality relevant content, it allows you to show them you know what you’re talking about. But for many businesses, posting content, no matter how good it is, won’t consistently generate leads and grow revenues. To…

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Don’t Be A Tool. Use One.


Many people say they don’t have time for marketing or find they can’t get the marketing activities they want to get done due to how long it takes. That’s understandable in today’s modern world. The days of the occasional advert in the local newspaper or Yellow Pages are gone. Today marketing has become a lot more complex with email, search engines, social media and more. Luckily there are plenty of…

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New Resource Portal Coming Soon


I’m proud to announce that the new membership portal will be available to a limited number of people in March and will be more widely available in April. The new portal from Think Twice Marketing allows individuals serious about effective marketing to access years of expertise in online digital marketing whether that’s how to develop a marketing strategy, creating email campaigns that generate leads or making sure that a…

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