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There’s only one way to challenge and improve the way you do marketing and that’s by becoming a Think Twice Marketer.

Membership starts at £89 a month and includes many benefits.

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Benefits include:

  • Unlimited videos on how to be a more effective marketer
  • Access to eBooks such as How To Create A Winning Landing page and An Introduction To Social Media
  • Download productivity templates such as for social media bulk scheduling and receive weekly marketing ‘bites’ giving updates and ideas to be more effective
  • 1 hour of FREE initial consultation with marketing expert Darren Hignett
  • FREE 30-minute review every 6 months of your marketing strategy and unlimited email support
  • Full access to all learning courses such as how to create successful email marketing campaigns and how to set up a Facebook Ads campaign that converts
  • Discounts and savings on services from our trusted partners


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