Too much choice is bad for your customer, and you!

Too much choice is bad for you and your customer

It’s natural as a business owner or marketer to think that offering plenty of choice and options is a good thing.

Customers say they love choice and nobody wants to lose a sale because they don’t have the right size, colour or feature.

Customers say they love choice and nobody wants to lose a sale because they don’t have the right size, colour or feature.

Choice is good, but too much choice is bad for your business – and actually bad for the customer. Consider the following:

In 2010, the Economist reported on a study in which a stall offering 24 jams to taste led to a 3% conversion rate from tasting to buying jam whereas only 6 jams available to taste led to a conversion rate of 30%, that’s 10 times higher!

Even though, smart phones have a variety of ring tones, wallpapers, notifications sounds and much more – a reported 80% of smart phone users keep the default settings on their phone.

In their book, Made To Stick, Dan and Chip Heath demonstrate how consumers make a bad decision when more options are added. 79% of students chose to attend a once in a lifetime lecture instead of going to the library. The number who chose to go to the library almost doubled from 21% to 40% when presented with a second preferred option to watch a movie they wanted to see. More great choices led to less taking them!

So why, despite liking choice, do consumers decide not to buy jam, not to personalise their phone and to opt to do something they prefer least? We aren’t going to go through the details on why here but there are plenty more studies which show that too much choice leads to either a poor decision or no decision and this is something to bear in mind the next time you review your pricing options, the many messages and call to actions on your website or your product development.

By offering less choice and keeping simple, could you convert more customers and in the process have more, happier customers?

We think so.

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