Why Newsletter Emails Are Bad


This blog post is an extract from the Email Marketing Made Effective online course provided by Think Twice Marketing

When most businesses think of email marketing for their business, the first thing they think of is setting up and creating newsletters to send to existing customers and other people who have expressed an interest in learning about their brand or services on offer.

This newsletter would typically contain the word ‘Newsletter’ in the title and will be structured like the traditional newsletter that used to be more frequently send out in the post.

This is a wrong approach for a number of reasons:

  • Most people don’t have time for newsletters unless they are very, very high value to them

  • Even if they are interested, when they see a headline saying ‘Newsletter’ the majority chose to ‘read it later’.. but often won’t!

  • Newsletter style formats are more likely to arrive in the spam box than the inbox so will never be seen

  • There are better ways to do email marketing – see below!

Better Ways To Do Email Marketing

People who sign up to receive your emails do so because they want content that adds value. This could include top tips, important updates and special offers that they like to take advantage of. You might be thinking, but isn’t this a newsletter?

That depends on how you define a newsletter. Typically the term newsletter means a structured email with columns and images. It might include updates on who has joined your company, who has left etc. and has traditionally been sent monthly (although this is becoming less likely nowadays).

Successful email campaigns are more targeted, more frequent and offer greater value to their audience than a traditional newsletter. Clever campaigns also make viewers want to open the email, to read it and at some point will drive the viewer to undertake a transaction.

If you would like to understand how to do better marketing, become a Think Twice Marketer or view our course Email Marketing Made Effective.